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    Namaste. I’m Mira, a passionate yogini teaching (and practicing!) yoga, meditation and MBSR in Asia and the world at large, sharing the art of loving-kindness (“metta”) through these sacred and transformational practices. My hope is to inspire people like you around the world to discover the possibilities and power that yoga and meditation hold, to help you transform your life and to bring more peace, love, and balance to yourselves and those around you. By exploring mindfulness in both movement and stillness, we discover our happiest, healthiest, most harmonious selves. We reveal the light within each of us and learn how to shine.

    I aim to share my understanding and experiences of the path of yoga, mindfulness, and Metta.

    I hope you’ll join me – I look forward to connecting with you! ॐ

    Metta Flows Class Schedule


    Join me for Mindful Flow, Classical Hatha, Yin and Mindfulness Meditation. Check my schedule to see when and where I’ll be teaching next!

    Metta FLows Mindfulness MBSR

    Mindfulness / MBSR

    Discover Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a program that gives you simple and applicable tools of mindfulness for positive change.

    Metta Flows Private Yoga Lessons

    Private Lessons

    Try a private yoga or meditation lesson to develop or deepen your personal practice or teaching, customized according to your individual needs and goals.


    Practice until you remember that you are love.


    “Working with Mira helped me to create space in my mind and emotions–space for reflection, without attachment and judgement. The tools Mira taught me have allowed me to cultivate a greater sense of calmness and ease.”

    Erin, PhD - Writer, Professor

    “The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) skills and tools that Mira taught me over the week of the retreat has truly changed the way I live in such a positive way. Mira is an amazing teacher and mentor who I would highly recommend.”


    “Truly great yin yoga training with Mira and co. The blend of yin yoga, anatomy and mindfulness that Mira and her team taught throughout the course was engaging and easy to follow and understand. Superb experience!”

    Adam , Freedom Yoga, Chiang Mai

    “Mira is passionate about yoga and we can feel her love for teaching it! She demonstrates awareness of the body, mindfulness and the philosophy of yoga in her own inspiring way.”