“Mira is a wonderful teacher. She did a couple 1-1 classes for me as well as a couple of Hatha and Yin group classes. I am a yoga and massage therapist and she helped with some lower back and hip issues with a tailored routine for me and some excellent subtle adjustments for those bits you need some help with!! I now use this regularly. Mira’s Yin class is wonderful.  She has a lovely, soft but confident and reassuring voice which will ease you through her routines. If you get the chance to be in her class….do it. Wonderful person. Highly recommended.”

“I not only enjoyed Mira’s mindfulness meditation class, but found it greatly beneficial. I had never taken a meditation class before and was unsure how my mind or my body would respond. Within minutes, I found myself looking inward toward the things that distracted me. Through Mira’s guidance I noticed that I am constantly letting my mind wander to the future, and I’ve been much more mindful of that since, which has allowed me to be more in the moment. The next time I’m in the same part of the world as Mira, I’ll be seeking her out to attend another class with her!”

“The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) skills and tools that Mira taught me over the week of the retreat has truly changed the way I live in such a positive way. Mira is an amazing teacher and mentor who I would highly recommend.”


“Working with Mira helped me to create space in my mind and emotions–space for reflection, without attachment and judgement. The tools Mira taught me have allowed me to cultivate a greater sense of calmness and ease. ”

Erin, PhD - Writer, Professor

“I attended a 6-day mindfulness and yoga retreat with Mira in October 2017. As a complete newcomer to both yoga and mindfulness, I had no idea what I was going to get out of it – just a sense of certainty that I had to try something new, and it turned out to be a great decision, starting what I hope is becoming a life-long love of both practices! Mira’s calm, reassuring approach, as well as her obvious kindness and concern for the well-being of everyone in the group allowed us all to open up and relax throughout the course, while no one was pushed to go further than they were ready to. It wasn’t an instant fix for me but there were moments of clarity that reminded me where I wanted to be, and importantly where I could be and how I could get there. On the more fun side, it was also just a really great holiday: peaceful, relaxing and fun with a great group of people!”


“Truly great yin yoga training with Mira and co. The blend of yin yoga, anatomy and mindfulness that Mira and her team taught throughout the course was engaging and easy to follow and understand. Superb experience!”

“Mira is passionate about yoga and we can feel her love for teaching it! She teaches different routines and each of the classes I went to were unique. She demonstrates awareness of the body, mindfulness and the philosophy of yoga in her own inspiring way.”

“Mira led the MBSR meditation program on a yoga and meditation retreat I attended in Laos last year. She was a great mentor, and created a kind and compassionate space for meditation, reflection and discussion. Her knowledge in the field was excellent, and most people on the course were interested in following up on the practice by the end of the retreat.”

“Mira’s yoga class was a great way to experience yoga for the first time. She did a fantastic job explaining things for those of us who had never done yoga before, and for the people who were more advanced, she offered alternative poses to help advance their practice. I would highly recommend taking a yoga class with Mira.”


“I was lucky enough to meet Mira when I was still relatively new to the teachings of yoga and mindfulness. Her gentle and engaging soul encouraged in me the confidence to grow and develop my yoga practice based around what was right for me, whilst her mindfulness classes provided heartfelt teachings and bespoke guided practices that opened my inner eye, revealing to me the beautiful stillness and calm that resides patiently waiting within all of us.”


Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. 

-BKS Iyengar

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